This week saw the creation of some beautiful rooms on the block.  I loved the wallpaper in Hannah and Clint’s master bedroom and the pretty soft tones used in Ronnie and Georgia’s master bedroom.

My favourite this week would have to be the Winners master bedroom, Josh and Elyse.  The bedhead and rug in their room pull together to create a beautifully curated interior.    Take a look at all the rooms created this week on the block.

House 1 – Jason & Sarah

Jason and Sarah were unable to complete their master bedroom and ensuite challenge this week.  This means Jason and Sarah will have one week to complete these rooms and the Kitchen too.  Lets hope they can do it.  Here is what the Judges said.

The Block 2017

“Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong,” notes Neale.

“This is master bedroom week isn’t it?” says a confused Shaynna.

“I’d say WTF,” said Darren.

House 2 – Hannah & Clint

“A very pretty room,” said Shaynna.
“I think these are really on trend colours,” said Darren
“I like it,” expressed Neale about Hannah’s artwork.
“They’ve got some expensive stuff in here,” said Shaynna pointing at the shower head.

House 3 – Ronnie & Georgia

“Oh wow,” said Shaynna.
“This is beautiful isn’t it,” acknowledge Neale.
“It is absolutely beautiful,” continues Shaynna
“This is amazing,” Shaynna yelled telling the other judges to come over and have a look.
“I love it,” Darren says.

House 4 – Sticks & Wombat

Wombat was left to finish their master bedroom alone this week when Stick’s had to rush off to be there for the birth of his second child.  Congratulations to Sticks and his family.

“What a great space,” Shaynna said upon entering.
“Light and bright,” mentioned Neale.
“This is lovely,” Neale proclaimed.
“So much amenity in here it’s great,” said Darren.

House 5 – Josh & Elyse


House 5 – Josh & Elyse

“The colour pallet, the look,” Shaynna exclaimed positively.

House 5 – Josh & Elyse

“I love the bedhead, oh my god!” said  Darren.

House 5 – Josh & Elyse

“Great mirror,” said Neale on entry in Josh and Elyse’s walk-in wardrobe.

House 5 – Josh & Elyse

“This is the best tile choice of the day without a doubt,” said Neale.

What an amazing and productive week on the block to complete this whole space.  I can’t wait to see what each couple come up with for their kitchens.  Which room was your favourite?

All images are from The Block official website.  You can view their rooms in detail and read what the judges say about each room.

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