I recently had a day out in the country to visit a beautifully timeless and elegant Lavender garden in West Gippsland. Come and take a tour of this beautiful garden, I know you will love it as much as I did.

This Lavender garden belongs to Sarah Foster, the Editor and Creator of Country Style & Life. Sarah is fulfilling her vision of building a beautiful country garden to share with others.

“I knew my vision of sharing my garden with others was a real message of divine inspiration and it’s proven to be so every time we have visitors”

Sarah Foster

Arriving at Sarah’s garden the Grosso Lavender was looking stunning amongst the green rolling hills. You can read all about Sarah’s garden here to see how much it has grown.

Grosso Lavender is the most fragrant of all the lavenders and produces an abundance of violet/blue flowers. This classic lavender is often planted in the countryside of France.

Not only does it have a high oil content and is used for perfumes but it is also drought and frost-tolerant plant and much loved by bees, which makes it perfect for planting here out in West Gippsland.

Sarah has a shed full of gorgeous pots with seasonal flowers such as pansies and violas in winter and tulips and hyacinths in spring.

Lavender is said to heal insect bites and burns as well as repel insects too. It can also soothe headaches when applied to the temples and by placing a small vase of Lavender next to your bed will help you get a good night’s sleep too.

We had a beautiful afternoon wandering through the lavender garden which is a truly sensory experience.

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