The beginning of a new year is when we all look at declutering and sorting out our homes and life for a fresh start to a new year.  There are so many places that need freshening up in the home, so I will tackle it one room at a time.  Today I have some simple tips on declutering and sorting your wardrobe.



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For me it is easier to remove my clothes, and then the shoes and the bits and pieces,  handbags, scarves and jewellery.  I still have my Mariana Hardwick wedding gown stored in my wardrobe, which is now 25 years old.

When we edit our homes according to best selling Author and Lifestyle expert Marie Kondo we are supposed to take the emotion out of organising and be ruthless and throw out each item that doesn’t bring us joy.  I have many old pieces with memories that can still spark joy but this method is a guide to help make the art of editing your life and closet a lot easier.

I do like to hang my clothes in their colour groups and I also hang everything.  I don’t like to store my clothes in a drawer, I find they just don’t keep tidy and looking organised.  By having them on a hanger I can see what I have to choose from to wear.

In Marie Kondo’s organisation method, if one’s belongings no longer “spark joy,” they are acknowledged for their service and thanked before being discarded.   You can find Marie’s books  “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.” here.

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Wipe down all surfaces and clean out the drawers in your robe for your smalls too.  Finish off with a vacuum and then you are ready to begin putting your clothing back.

When you start to add your clothing back in your wardrobe, you can see how good it looks with less, this will also help you to part with garments you no longer need.

closet organisation

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closet organisation

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I do keep most of my shoes in their boxes.  You can buy clear boxes for your shoes at any storage or Hardware store outlet so you can clearly see what shoes are inside the box.

I love this idea above of taking a photo of your shoes and sticking it on the front of the box.

If space is limited you may want to consider a shoe rack or hanging shoe storage holder to place over your door.

closet organisation

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closet organisation

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Handbags and Accessories

If you are lucky enough to have some shelving in your walk in robe, they are perfect for displaying your favourite handbags.  Hang your handbags on a hanger or a handbag hook in a separate section of the wardrobe and place some favourite handbags on a shelf.

I love the idea of using a dresser or glass cabinet in your bedroom to store your favourite handbags and accessories.  This can make a lovely display, and you can see those special pieces you have acquired.

closet organisation

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I have collected many jewellery boxes over the years, but now I prefer one big one on my dresser and I am looking for a large jewellery box with a clear glass top and small sections for each item to store my pieces in.

That way all my jewellery is stored together and not all over the place in bits and pieces, this is when things become hard to find.

Simple Organisation Tips

  • Choose a charity to take your clothes to.
  • Hang your handbags on hooks in your wardrobe.
  • Ask yourself which is more valuable, the piece of clothing or the closet space.
  • Organise your wardrobe into zones.
  • Use matching hangers in your wardrobe, this will give it a luxurious look.
  • Use baskets and boxes to store odds and ends and give your wardrobe a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Colour co-ordinate your clothes.
  • Ensure you have good lighting in your Walk in robe.
  • Install a full length mirror.

Image | Christine Markatos Design


Now to celebrate your beautiful clean and organised wardrobe.  Replace some of those old pieces you have given away to charity with some new ones.

Visit your local storage and hardware stores to see what the latest storage and tidying products are.  There are so many gadgets to help tidy your home.  Do you have any tips for organising your closet.