Eclectic Boogaloo provide upholstery, sewing and design services to bring your chairs back to life. They also offer upholstery classes too, come and take a look at my newly upholstered chair, I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

Jen is the creative owner behind Eclectic Boogaloo and offers a Chair & Cheese Upholstery Workshop. This class is the perfect hands-on introduction to learning traditional upholstery skills.

After selecting from a range of vintage dining chairs, Jen will guide you through the process of rebuilding your chair over two days in a small personalised setting. This also includes your choice of a vintage dining chair to take home.

I really loved doing this class with Jen and learning about traditional upholstery and watching my chair slowly come to life with each step. I will definitely be booking in for my next class in the new year.

You can visit Jen in her showroom at Eclectic Boogaloo. The warehouse is stocked with an amazing array of vintage and antique chairs, lovingly hand-restored in Melbourne and re-designed for the modern lifestyle.

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