Bathroom Vignette Tips & Inspiration

Are you looking for some inspiration to brighten up your bathroom?  I have some beautiful bathroom vignette’s to inspire you to create your own luxurious bathroom at home.

bathroom vignette

Image: Elizabeth Lawson Design


Start with a tray for your bathroom vignette display.   Use a ceramic, marble or woven wicker tray to place your decor items on.  This will keep them all together in a grouping so as not to look untidy and give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

If you don’t have any room next to your basin you can just place a hand towel and a beautiful hand wash or scented candle.

bathroom vignette

Image: Studio McGee

Hand Cream/Candles

Add your favourite scented candle, hand cream and bath salts.  They really are luxury items and if you find a brand you love, you will want to use it more.

Bathroom vignette

Image: Domino

Bathroom vignette

Image: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs


Adding green will always give your bathroom a fresh and updated look.  Use a succulent plant, maiden hair fern, fiddle leaf fig or a faux plant.

bathroom vignette

Image: R. Cartwright Design

Glass Jars/Baskets

Glass jars are perfect for storing small items such as cotton buds, small soaps and bath salts.  Fill a small basket with hand towels or use it to create your vignette and store your hand cream and hand wash.

Its so nice to enjoy the little things.  Have some fun with creating your bathroom vignette.