The five contestants managed to complete their backyards for the Block this week.ย  With negotiating access to each of their blocks for deliveries the completed yards included outdoor kitchens, fire pits, comfy bench seats with cushions, cubby houses and a beautiful outdoor dining area.ย  Come and take a peek at their completed backyards and read about what the Judges had to say.

ย House 1 โ€“ Jason & Sarah

Jason and Sarah were able to put together a spacious and family friendly backyard with the help of the 10,000 dollars they received from Ronnie and Georgia this week.


The Block 2017

“It’s so much bigger than I thought,” exclaimed Shaynna, upon entering the space.

“This is luxury,” Neale said.

“It feels like everything an Australian house wants in a backyard,” Darren said

House 2 โ€“ Hannah & Clint

The Judges weren’t so keen on the spa in Hannah and Clint’s backyard but they loved the fire pit and sense of space in this backyard.

The Block 2017

“Coming out to this nice sense of space,” said Shaynna approvingly.

“It’s kinda like a bachelor pad, penthouse spa,” said Darren in aggreance with Shaynna.

“It’s like a playboy mansion spa,” said Neale also unpleased by it.

The Block 2017

House 3 โ€“ Ronnie & Georgia

The Judges loved Ronnie and Georgia’s pool with the lush green oasis that was created around it but were disappointed there was not dining space.


The BLock 2017

“It really feels like it’s cocooned withe these palms,” said Shaynna approvingly.

“It’s like a beautiful rock pool,” said Darren.

“Even on a cold wintry Melbourne day, I want to plunge in there,” said Neal.

The Block 2017

House 4 โ€“ Sticks & Wombat

Sticks and Wombat added a container pool to their backyard this week and the judges thought it worked really beautifully with their aesthetic.


The BLock 2017

“It feels big,” says Shaynna comparing it to the other yards.

“Kid’s can run to the cubby house, play, move around,” said Shaynna.

“This is what all three previous gardens wanted to be but missed the mark,” said Neale.

The Block 2017

House 5 โ€“ Josh & Elyse


Josh and Elyse were the winners of the Backyard reveals on the Block this week.ย  They managed to incorporate a stunning pool, dining and outdoor kitchen in their backyard living space.ย  Take a look.

The Block 2017

“Where are we?” asked Darren, stunned at the transformation.

“How do you do an in-ground pool in a week?” asked a shocked Darren.

“Look how big this is,” said Shaynna looking at all the free space.

The Block 2017

What a big week for all the contestants to complete their backyard gardens.ย  I love a beautifully designed outdoor room with so many ideas to use in your own backyard.ย  I can’t wait to see how they finish their houses.

All images are fromย The Block official website. ย You can view their rooms in detail and read what the judges say about each room.