The Block 2017 – Garden & Facade

Finally the end of the Block for 2017 is complete, this last week saw the couples finish the front facade of their homes and the garden design.  Not only do I love a white picket fence, but who can resist the charm of a beautifully finished Australian weatherboard home.  Come and take a look at the finished homes and read about what the Judges have said.

House 1 – Jason & Sarah

The Block 2017

“How joyous to open that gate,” said Shaynna as she entered.

“Welcome to Ellenvale,” said Neale with approval.

“Isn’t it the sweetest little dream house,” Darren said.

The Block 2017

House 2 – Hannah & Clint


The Block 2017

Shaynna loved the pink door exclaiming, “how beautiful”.

“That grey and the white, it’s a really nice pallet,” said Darren.

“It’s got heaps of personality, it’s just not quite as on the money,” Neale concluded.

The Block 2017


House 3 – Ronnie & Georgia

The Block 2017

“Va va voom,” Darren exclaimed staring at Ronnie and Georgia’s facade.

“I think this is what you call a statement,” said Neale.

“This dark colour makes these lead light windows just pop,” said Shaynna.

The Block 2017

House 4 – Sticks & Wombat


The Block 2017

Darren noticed the mailbox approving of the “little bit of timber”.

“Wouldn’t be Sticks and Wombat without that timber,” said Neale.

“They’ve gone through the house with that beautiful Scandinavian brush stroke,” said Neale.

The Block 2017

House 5 – Josh & Elyse

The Block 2017

“I absolutely adore this entry,” said Shaynna

“It is really authentic,” Darren said.

“This is definitely not the front garden I was expecting to find,” Neale said.

The BLock 2017

I loved Hannah and Clint’s pink door, so welcoming and pretty.  Jason and Sarah’s frontyard finished their home off so beautifully and the homes were all set behind a white picket fence.  How perfect.

All images are from The Block official website.  You can view their rooms in detail and read what the judges say about each room.