The Block 2017 – Guest Room Redo’s

Last week was the guest bedroom redo on the Block.  The contestants restyled and decorated their guest bedrooms.  All the rooms were quite luxurious and styled beautifully.  Take a look at each of the new rooms.

House 1 – Jason & Sarah

Jason and Sarah had no trouble finishing their guest bedroom on time and the judges loved the feel of tranquility the room gave.

The Block 2017

“Ugh,” said Shaynna with delight upon entering their transformed guest bedroom.

“Wow,” Darren exclaimed.

“Absolutely beautiful,” said Neale.

THe Block 2017

House 2 – Hannah & Clint

Hannah and Clint renovated Georgia and Ronnie’s original winning challenge room as a result of swapping homes.  The Judges loved the colour pallet and textures they chose for their guest bedroom.

THe Block 2017

“Another cosy room,” said Neale happily.

“I think the grey, blue and white pallet is beautiful,” said Darren.

“The bedside lamps are actually really nice,” said Darren.

The Block 2017

House 3 – Ronnie & Georgia


Ronnie and Georgia had were re-doing Josh and Elyse’s original guest bedroom. The judges loved the new room, read about what they said.

The Block 2017

“It does feel very opulent,” said Darren.

“I do love it, I think it’s absolutely amazing,” Shaynna said.

“I think it’s absolutely beautiful,” Neale agreed.

The Block 2017

House 4 – Sticks & Wombat

Sticks and Wombat created a warm and inviting guest bedroom.  The Judges love how far they have come with their styling and decorating.

The Block 2017

Shaynna let out a loud, “woah” upon entering.

“These boys have found their inner hygge,” said Neale.

“We now have pretty flowers and pretty candles,” said Darren.

The Block 2017

House 5 – Josh & Elyse


After swapping homes Josh and Elyse re-did Hannah and Clint’s original 48 hour challenge room guest bedroom.  I loved seeing the new fresh colours that aren’t usually seen at the moment, such as the orange and yellow tones.

The Block 2017

“This is my favourite colour pallet of the day,” Darren said.

“How nice is it not to see the trend colours,” Darren continued.

“I mean they’re still on trend, there’s this egg yolk yellow,” said Darren, explaining that these colours are still fashionable.

The Block 2017



There were some great ideas and styling tips for your own home on The Block last week.  I wouldn’t mind being a guest in one of their rooms.  Which room was your favourite?

All images are from The Block official website.  You can view their rooms in detail and read what the judges say about each room.