Creating a beautiful outdoor space is an essential part of the Australian lifestyle for the summer holidays. Today I have some inspiration and ideas on creating your own Ralph Lauren-inspired outdoor living space. come and take a look.


My inspiration is from the Ralph Lauren Paris courtyard restaurant, where tones of blue, white, and green have been used.

This beautiful destination is on my wish list of places to visit.

Colour & Style

With my inspiration chosen it is so easy to choose my colour and style, which will flow on from what’s inside my home and how it’s decorated.

Story Board

Creating a storyboard is essential, it will keep you on track and focused on the look you want to create for your outdoor living space.

Collect beautiful images for inspiration, fabrics, and homewares you love to create your outdoor room.

Make a Pinterest board for outdoor living and pin your inspiration here.


I love to shop some of my favorite places and sometimes I can pick up something vintage from a second-hand store to curate a beautiful outdoor space.

Happy Entertaining.