Indoor house plants are a popular decor accessory for your home.Β  They are not only the perfect green addition to your decor but having a lush green and healthy plant in the home makes you feel good too.Β  Today I have some simple tips on how to care for your indoor plants and keep them looking beautiful.



How to care for indoor plants


How often to water your indoor plants

Some houseplants prefer to be consistently moist and require regular watering whereas other plants such as succulents prefer to have less water and dry soil for a few days.Β  Check the care instructions on your plant for guidance.Β  The water a plant needs will also vary from the warmer to colder seasons.

Choose a day of the week where you water and tend to your plants, this way you can monitor their growth and health and you won’t let their soil dry out.

How to care for indoor plants


How much sunlight does my plant need ?

Indoor plants need adequate sunlight to keep them happy and healthy.Β  Your indoor plant would prefer filtered light in a bright room than direct sunlight.

Don’t keep your plant in a draft or under or near any heating and cooling in your home.Β  Depending on the season, I will move my plants to a different room.Β  When the heaters start to come on in Winter my plants will move to the kitchen, entrance, office or bathroom where its much cooler at night.

How to care for indoor plants

What is the best fertiliser to use?

Osmocote have a controlled release plant food that provides a continuous balance to your plant for at least 6 months. This is a specific fertiliser for indoor plants.Β  The nutrients are released as the plant requires them.

How to care for indoor plants


Wipe and dust the leaves on your plant with a micro fibre or damp cloth.Β  Dust settles quickly on your plants and they will be a lot more healthy and happier with clean leaves.

How to care for indoor plants

Plants in your home are uplifting and help create a happy home to live in.Β  My favourite indoor plant is my Fiddle Leaf Fig.Β  It was half the size when I first bought it and it has since doubled in size.

I have had to water it more in the summer months and keep it out of any hot and cosy rooms in winter.Β  Do you have any tips for keeping your indoor plants healthy?