An Australian weatherboard home is full of character and charm.  With sweeping verandas and a large outdoor deck for entertaining, you will love the relaxed lifestyle you experience from living in a weatherboard home. Today I have found six charming weatherboard homes that you can build. Come and take a look. (Header image by Douglas Friedman)

Harkaway Homes, Weatherboard home

Image | Harkaway Homes

Weatherboard homes became popular in the 1850’s with the introduction of  mechanised production steam driven mills.  This meant that they could be manufactured inexpensively.  Weatherboard houses were quickly built all around the country.  There are many other materials available now to build a modern weatherboard home.

The home above, built by Harkaway Homes is perfectly presented in tones of grey and finished with a white timber front fence.


Image | Storybook Cottages

Timber was once thought of as a very high maintenance product to build with, but with weatherboards available in other more durable materials this can make them so much easier to maintain.

Today’s weatherboards are lightweight, affordable and easy to install.  They can protect  your house from the harsh elements and are insulated for both noise and heat.

Boutique Homes, Beautiful House Interiors

Image | Boutique Homes

Many weatherboard homes have beautiful decorative features such as:

  • Fretwork
  • Balustrades
  • Pediments (the triangular upper part of the front of a classical building).
  • Gables
  • Stairways
  • Wide verandas
  • Front porch

Weatherboards can be used for a traditional style home or a more modern contemporary home.

Weatherboard homes, Beautiful house

Image | Grandview Homes


Porter Davis Home

Image | Porter Davis Homes


weatherboard home

Image | Highview Homes

I love living in a weatherboard home with sweeping wide verandas and high ceilings.  The wide verandas protect you from the harsh seasonal elements.  Which is your favourite home?