Choosing a new sofa for your home can be difficult when there are so many to choose from.  Not only do you have to look for a style to suit your living space but the quality and use of your sofa too.  Today I have some simple tips on what to consider when choosing your new sofa.

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Size & Proportion

Measure your room, a three seater sofa is a good fit for a large room and a two seater sofa for a smaller room.    I have one three seater and a two seater in my living room and I am about to replace them.  If you are replacing a sofa, measure the sofa to compare to a new one.

Measure out the sofa and outline with tape or lay down some newspaper to get an idea of the size the sofa will be in the room.

Check how deep the sofa seat is and the height of the sofa.  You want your sofa to be as comfortable and stylish as possible to suit your living space and comfort for who will be using it.


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how to choose a sofa
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Frame Quality

A hardwood frame will last longer than a pine frame.  Who will be using the sofa and will it be placed in a room that is used everyday?  If it is in a high use space you will want a good quality frame.  Especially if you have small children that are growing into very big ones.

Sofa Springs & Cushions

As well as checking the frame of the sofa you should also look at the quality of the springs in your sofa frame.  The quality of the springs will affect the life of the sofa and comfort and support.

Check the quality of the padding in the cushions.  The cushions should keep their shape when you sit down.

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Fabric & Leather

I love a fabric sofa, but fabric may not suit everyone.  Again look at who will be using your sofa and where it will be placed, in a frequently used room or in the good room.  Choose a more durable fabric such as cotton or linen.  Check with your supplier if you can have your sofa scotch guarded to help protect against any spills.

Leather is very hard wearing and a good quality leather sofa is very durable and doesn’t require much care, a cheaper leather sofa may be more absorbent with spills and show up on your sofa.

House Beautiful has 50 Designer tips and secrets on choosing a sofa, it might give you some other things to consider when choosing your sofa.

How to choose a sofa


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Image | Coco Republic

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Style Tip

Occasional chairs are the perfect way to finish off your room.  Place an occasional chair or day bed in a corner of your living room or together with a sofa and of course dress it with some beautiful cushions.

Have you recently bought a new sofa, I would love to hear all about it?