Hello, thanks for stopping by.  One of the most important items for your master bedroom is a bedhead, they create a visual anchor for your bed.  Our bedrooms are a place we can relax and feel comfortable.  There are so many to choose from, do you stay with a neutral colour or choose a beautiful patterned fabric for your bedhead?  Today we have some tips on choosing an upholstered bedhead and some beautiful bedheads to inspire you.



fabric bedhead

Image | Homebunch

Bedhead Style & Colour

Consider the style of your home and bedroom when choosing a fabric bedhead.  Do you want a natural linen bedhead for a bedroom with neutral and relaxing tones or do you want to have some colour and pattern in your bedhead.

There are many styles to choose from.  A buttoned or tufted bedhead which are really popular, a simple rectangle design, a fabric bedhead in a timber frame or a stud border.


Image | Heatherly Design Bedheads

 Bedhead Options

Bedheads come with a few options.  They can have a bracket on them to attach to your bed base or to the wall. Choose what will best fit with your bed.

Fabric bedhead

Image | Chatelaine Photo by Ashley Capp


Measure the dimensions of your new bedhead first to make sure it will suit your current bed and fit comfortably behind it.  Look at the size of your room and ceiling height to keep the proportions of your bedroom in mind when choosing a headboard.

The larger the room, the larger the headboard can be without dominating your interior.   You may not want a large bedhead to dominate a small room.  You can mark out the size of the bedhead and where it will go to get an idea of how it will look.

fabric bedhead

Image | Melinda Hartwright Interiors

fabric bedhead

Image | Jane At Home

fabric bedhead

Image | via cambridgehomecompany | Homebunch

fabric bedhead

Image | Hamptons Style

fabric bedhead

Image | Denai Kulcsar Interiors

fabric bedhead

Image | Cottonwood Interiors

I love this selection of bedheads I have chosen above.  I love the natural linen bedheads and the pale blue tufted one.  I really can’t decide.  Which one is your favourite?