Whether you work from your own dedicated home office or have space for a desk in your living room it can make a big impact on your comfort and productivity.  Today we have some simple organisation tips and inspiration for a productive home office.



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Desk & Chair

Having the right chair for sitting at a desk is really important.  Look for a chair that supports your back and encourages you to have good posture when sitting for long periods of time.  A  good chair will be adjustable to suit your sitting position at your desk.

Your desk will need to suit your needs and fit your office space.  I have updated my desk to a smaller one, still a good size and I have a separate storage cabinet to keep the surfaces free from clutter.  If you work with large monitors you will want to make sure everything fits on your new desk.

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Storage & Organisation

Good storage is essential for the comfort and productivity of your home office.  A separate storage cupboard and desk organisers will help to keep everything neat and tidy and your desktop free of clutter and paperwork.

  • Use baskets and containers to keep everything neat and tidy in your cupboards, shelving and drawers
  • Use labels
  • Organise your desktop
  • Create a filing system
  • Invest in a whiteboard/pin board
  • Keep things all together such as magazines
  • Clear your desk drawers so your most used items can be stored there
  • Wipe down your desk at least twice a week

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You may also want to include task lighting for reading.  A desk lamp is ideal for task lighting and is essential for avoiding eye strain and keeping focused.  The correct home office lighting can increase your productivity, energy and mood.


This is the fun part, add the finishing touches to your home office.  Place a floor rug under your desk and a lamp on your side table.  Hang a beautiful print and place a favourite plant or some fresh flowers on your desk or sideboard.


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A home office requires to be beautiful as well as practical for the perfect work flow and productivity.  Contact Beautiful House for details of the above Home Office design for you.