Bathing boxes are icons of the beach and provide a colourful backdrop all along the coast of Port Phillip Bay here in Victoria, with 1300 located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.  Many of them have a historical significance and have been passed down through generations.  Come and take a look at some of the colourful beach boxes at Mills Beach.



A beach box or bathing box is usually a small wooden and often brightly coloured timber box placed above the high tide mark on popular and beautiful beaches.  They are only small in size and don’t have any water or power connected to them.

Originally built in the late 1890’s for women to change into their bathers.


They are the perfect way to spend time relaxing at the beach, often filled with the outdoor comforts of home.  Whether you are there to have a seafood lunch or an evening picnic and watch the sunset.







Many of the bathing boxes have their own verandah and have been built with a mix of flat and pitched roofs. There is a Bathing Box and Boatshed Management Guideline produced by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries which states the standard, materials and construction techniques that can be used.  This is to help ensure the durability of the bathing box on the coast through exposure to sun, high winds and salt water.

However the style used for each bathing box is left up to the owner to encourage diversity.  A low sheen paint is preferred for the bathing boxes to reduce glare and to fit in with current bay beach aesthetics.





A long walk on the beach with our two Jack Russell’s, Charlie and Snoopy and the boys with their boogie boards was the perfect way to relax and wind down after Christmas.