Now that the months are getting a little bit cooler its nice to make some changes in your home.  Today I have some simple tips to help you love where you live and create a happy home.



 Artwork & Memories

Frame your kids artwork for a display using brightly coloured frames or create a photo board of the families favourite photos.

We all have so many images stored on our phones or loaded into a folder on a laptop.  Choose some of your favourites and have them printed to display in a collage on a notice board or to display in a grouping of frames on your console table.




We all love fresh flowers, but now that the warmer months are finished I don’t have as many roses flowering in my garden.

Today I made a special effort to buy some fresh flowers from the local florist after I had done my grocery shopping.  Trim and place your beautiful blooms in  a vase in your home entrance or in the kitchen for you to enjoy when you’re unpacking your groceries.

Happy Home


Create a warm welcome in the entrance of your home.  Freshen it up for a new season with fresh flowers or an indoor potted plant such as a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

I am giving my home entrance a coat of white paint at the moment, just to brighten it up.  I have chosen Dulux Natural White.

Blue and white bedroom


One of the first things I try to do in the morning is to make my bed.  Everything else seems to fall into place once the bed has been made.

It really sets the pace for your day and your bed will look so comfy and ready for you in the evening.

Happy Home

Reading Nook

Whether you have a small space in your living room or a corner in your bedroom you can create a cosy reading nook with a chair and a side table.  Add a lamp for reading and your favourite throw rug and cushion to your chair.  Its so nice to have your own little nook to relax and unwind in.

Do you have any tips on how you make your home a bright and happy one?  We would love to hear them.