Our living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in our home.  I was looking for a small mid winter update, and what better way to update your home than with some new cushions.   Today I have some styling and decor ideas to give you a fresh mid winter makeover for your living space.

Home Cushion | Pottery Barn

Our living room is where we spend time together as a family, from watching movies by the fire to just chatting and catching up on what’s happened in our week.

Add your favourite decorative objects to your coffee table, such as a favourite shell or place your shell collection in a bowl.  Edit your room and keep clutter to a minimum.  Don’t forget to put other pieces you no longer need in your room into storage.  I have to keep remembering to do this, otherwise I collect too many beautiful pieces.

Pottery Barn

I have used tones of blue on my linen sofa and throughout my home.  Touches of green have been added to my living space with a faux boxed hedge plant.  Here are a few suggestions for your midwinter living room update from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn

Story Board by Beautiful House | Products Pottery Barn

Mid Winter Styling Tips

  • Add knitted throw rugs to your living room.
  • Add layers of  texture and warmth with a floor rug.
  • Soft lighting for reading.
  • Scented candles for a cosy atmosphere.
  • Oversized comfy cushions that your family can use.
  • Add greenery with faux plants in the colder months.

Pottery Barn

Blue & White check cushion | Pottery Barn

Add your textures in tones and colours that compliment each other to give your decor consistency throughout your home so the decor in your home flows beautifully.

We are nearly half way through a very cold Winter and I have added some warmth to my living room with some oversized cushions that are easy to snuggle into and warm knitted throw rugs.  Makes for a happy cosy winter home.