Create An Outdoor Garden Nook – Bench Seating

We spend so much time outside when the beautiful weather finally arrives.  I have been looking for some outdoor seating to create a small nook in my garden.  We have some inspiration and where to find the perfect outdoor bench for your garden.

Outdoor garden bench

Image: Mark D. Sikes

Create a small space to sit and enjoy your outdoor garden.  Add some cushions on your bench and potted plants either side of your seating.  For a more formal look, try an English box hedge in your pots.  Dwarf English Box hedges are more compact for a pot and a lot easier to shape.

outdoor garden bench

Image: The Fuller View

Here are some of my favourite timber benches that will look good in any garden.

Outdoor garden benches

1.  Marlboro Teak Bench – Natural – Schots Home Emporium | 2. Tuban Teak Bench Natural – Schots Home Emporium | 3. Surrey Bench – Jati | 4. Marlboro Teak Bench – Temple & Webster | 5. Lucca 3 seater outdoor bench – Swan Street Sales | 6. Madrid 3 seater outdoor bench – Temple & Webster

garden bench

Image: Mark D. Sikes

A green hedge can make the perfect background for your garden bench.  Have you got a secret garden nook.  Tag us on instagram to show us your garden. #beautifulhouse.