The Cafe Au Lait Dahlia would have to be one of my favourite Dahlias, ranging in color from a blush pink/peach in the center out to a creamy beige. Today I have some tips and inspiration on creating a beautiful Dahlia garden.

The Cafe Au Lait Dahlia has more than one hundred petals in each flower to make them so beautiful.


The Cafe Au Lait Dahlia is long flowering with lots of lush foliage and are really easy to care for. They are suitable for growing in garden beds or large pots. Plant them in the garden in early Spring when the frosts have finished.

It’s recommended to stake your Dahlias in the garden to support them as they grow. This is best done when you’re planting your Dahlias so as to avoid an damage to the tubular.

Plant your tubular at least 10cm and plant them in a sunny position in well drained soil. They will need at least six hours of sun a day to flower.

The Cafe Au Lait Dahlia can grow up to 1.5 metres and their flowers can reach up to 30cm across. They flower from Summer to Autumn.


It’s recommended to apply an all purpose fertiliser around your Dahlia when they grow to about 30cm in height.

When your plant has started to show some buds you can apply a liquid fertiliser every ten to fourteen days to promote bigger and beautiful flowers on your plant. Don’t forget to keep your plants moist once they start to grow.


Regularly cutting the flowers to fill with vases will not only make your home beautiful but promote more flowering on your plant.

End Of Season Care

When your plant has finished flowering it’s recommended to leave them in the garden to die down.

You can leave them planted in the garden bed over winter if they are in a well drained position. Dahlias should be dug up every couple of years to divide the tubulars and keep them out of the frosts. Replant them in Spring when the weather warms up in the garden.

They really are a favourite for many in the garden and in a vase. This will be my first season planting Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, they are going in my old veggie garden with a border of box hedges around them. What are you planting in your garden this Spring?