With the holiday season fast approaching its so important that we are getting a good nights sleep.  Whether you are planning to go away this year or holiday at home, spoil yourself with a luxurious bedroom makeover for the perfect nights sleep.  Follow some of our bedroom tips and inspiration.



 pottery barn

Tencil Ruffle Quilt Cover – Pottery Barn


Your bed will be the biggest and probably the most expensive piece of furniture for your bedroom.   Bedding made from natural materials such as cotton and linen or bamboo are so much more comfortable, these natural fabrics are able to breathe more easy and let the air circulate more freely.

Tracy Lynn Studio

Tracy Lynn Studio

Pattern & Colour

Choose soft and neutral tones for a relaxing colour palette in your bedroom or add a small touch of colour with a bedhead, cushion or lamp.  I really love how Tracey Lynn  above has added a navy blue tufted bedhead and used pattern in the bedding.  Love this crisp fresh luxurious look.

 Hanley Design

Hanley Construction & Development 

Window Coverings

Most window coverings can be lined with a blackout fabric.  A simple good quality blind can also keep out the light for a good nights sleep.


Kelly Nutt Design

Kelly Nutt Design


A bedside lamp will provide soft lighting for your bedroom, whether you use it for reading or just to create an ambience in your room.  Alternatively have an electrician install a dimmer switch to your bedroom light.

AGK Design Studio

AGK Design Studio

Bedside Table

Choose a bedside table with storage to either include drawers or a place for a basket underneath.  The bedside table is where we often keep our personal items, such as hand cream, photos, jewellery or your favourite book.   Have a beautiful trinket box or container, like a small crystal or ceramic dish to hold your special jewellery items so as they can’t be misplaced.

Tracy Lynn

Tracy Lynn Studio

Seating Nook

Create your own reading nook with a comfortable chair and small side table.  Decorate with a throw rug and cushion to add warmth and a sense of luxury to your bedroom.  How beautiful is this blue and white striped chair.

Studio McGee bedroom

Studio McGee

Plants & Flowers

Add beautiful flowers such as a small bouquet from the garden or a lush green plant in your room.  A plant will not only look good but increase air quality in your room too.  Find the perfect spot where your plant will benefit from some filtered natural light.

Enjoy your new bedroom makeover with the perfect nights sleep.