Are you looking for a low maintenance indoor plant with spectacular glossy green foliage?  Me too.  A fiddle leaf fig may be just the plant you are looking for.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Image: The Nester

Caring for your Fig

Water your fig sparingly.  Like most indoor plants, they love to be in a well lit position, but not exposed to direct sun.  There is also a dwarf fig available too, called Bambino.  Fertilize your fig once a month in Spring and Summer when your fig is growing.  Keep your fig away from drafty places in your home.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Image: Northern Waters


Your fig likes to be watered ¼-1/2 cup of water each week.  Like most indoor plants.  Do not over water your fiddle Leaf Fig.  They require more water over the warmer months.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Image: House Tweaking

Cleaning the Leaves

Because of their large glossy leaves your fig plant leaves tend to collect a lot of dust.  Wipe the dust off each leaf with a soft cloth.  Dust can block light absorption to your plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Do you have any useful tips to share for looking after a Fiddle Leaf Fig?  I recommend buying your Fiddle Leaf Fig from your local nursery.