Modern farmhouse style is about decorating your home in a classic, elegant and comfortable way.  It is about keeping things simple with neutral tones yet adding personality to your home.

Modern Farmhouse

 Image: Pottery Barn

Colour/Neutral Tones

The interior of a modern farmhouse is painted in light coloured and neutral tones, usually white to reflect light and add warmth with the use of natural timber pieces.

modern farmhouse

Image: Rejuvenation


The kitchen is usually the heart and soul of any home but more so in a Modern Farmhouse style home.  A place where family gather for meals and to talk about the events of the day.  My kitchen is the heart of my home and I love that my family can gather there to cook, share a meal and chat.

The Modern Farmhouse Kitchen uses extensive wood paneling and hardwood floors.  The island bench may be a different colour to the other cupboards in the kitchen and metal pendant lights hanging over the island bench.

Modern Farmhouse

Image: Studio McGee

Vintage with a Modern Touch

Unlike many other decorating styles modern farmhouse allows you to put together an eclectic mix of pieces.  Whether you use a painted vintage side table or add warmth to your dining space with a timber farmhouse dining table.

White flowers in basket

Image: Fleeing France

Fresh Flowers/Foliage

You know I just love fresh flowers and foliage in a home.  Whether you are using a handpicked bouquet of flowers from the garden or a white bunch of hydrangeas from your local florist.  Pop them in a jug or place your vase in a basket.

Modern Farmhouse Style

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