Have you ever wondered what cushion filling you should be using?  To add some extra volume and a more luxurious look to your cushions, fill them with a feather cushion insert.  Feather cushion inserts will give your cushions a much fuller look and they will keep their shape longer.

To make your cushions look plump and filled out your feather cushion insert should always be one size bigger.  This also makes it easier to “chop” your cushions in the middle and they will firmly hold their shape.

For a 40 x 40cm fabric cushion cover use the next size-up insert to fill out your cushion.  Know your inserts, some are more filled than others.  You can check and compare the filling weight.

All Beautiful House square cushion covers are 50 x 50cm and are filled with a 55 x 55cm feather cushion insert from Easy Rest, this insert seems to fill my cushions perfectly and give them a beautiful and full shape.

I love how the feather insert gives your cushion a designer look and they easily maintain their shape on the sofa.  Especially if you have a few of them.

They are so easy to plump up and put back into place.