I love watching the seasons change in my garden.  Winter is a much slower month in the garden, but there are still many things to do and plan in your garden.  Today I have some winter gardening tips to help make your garden beautiful in time for Spring.


Dame Edna Elisabeth garden

Winter Pruning & Planting

If you haven’t quite finished off all your pruning, now is the time to do it.  Wait for a sunny winter day and plan what needs to be done in your garden.  Its also a great time to prune your fruit trees.

Now is also the time to buy your bare root roses, deciduous trees and fruit trees.  Choose your rose and tree varieties for your garden and get them planted now.  They will have time to settle in when we have an abundance of rain.

Dame elizabeth murdoch garden


Dame elizabeth Murdoch garden

Winter Tidy & Weeding

As the leaves fall and gather in corners around the garden, be sure to rake them up so they don’t leave patches on your lawn or make your paths wet and slippery.

Rake up the leaves and put them on your compost pile, if you have many leaves to clean up you might find a leaf blower much easier.

vegetable garden

Image | Southern Living -Photography  Erica George Dines

Veggie Garden

Prepare your garden beds and turn over the soil in your veggie garden and mix in a general fertilizer from your local nursery.

Make of list of things and any veggies you will need for Spring.

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch garden


Dame Elizabeth Murdoch


I love to plan for new projects to do in my garden in winter, create designs and an action plan of what I need for each DIY garden project.

Image | Ofdesign.net

Potted Colour

Finally for some colour in the garden finish off with some potted colour at your front door or out on your patio.

Choose plants that are already in flower, like pansies or polyanthus.  I would choose a bigger pot of colour than a punnet of small plants, as things grow so much slower in the colder months.  What do you have planned for your Spring garden?