With Spring weather on its way we will be spending so much more time in the garden.  If you are looking for inspiration for some garden projects to make your outdoor living gorgeous, today I have five Spring project ideas for your garden.

Image | My Design Chic

Ornamental Gate

Ornamental gates are a beautiful feature to add to your home, they create a focus in the garden.  Whether it is a side gate or an opening to a veggie garden.

Image | Janelle McCulloch – Library Of Design


There are many local artists that create bespoke pieces for your outdoor area.  The Mornington Peninsula has many galleries and wineries with beautiful pieces created from local artists.  Plan your garden around your new feature or simply create a new space where it will be appreciated.

Image | Willie Wildlife Sculptures

Bird bath

Your local birds will love you for having a birdbath, keep it filled with water and you will be able to wake up to the local bird life singing in your garden.


Image | Grace Design

Bocce Ball Court

A bocce court will keep everyone entertained.  This is a really fun activity for summer and spring.

Image | Portobello Design

Garden Seating

There is nothing more satisfying than creating a place to sit in the garden.  Whether it is under a large shady tree, or positioned next to your favourite garden bed.

Plan your garden projects by sketching out a drawing of what you plan to create.  Use your Pinterest board to pin all your inspiration pictures and set about putting your plans into action.