On a recent trip to Sydney we stayed in a beautiful Hotel at the Rocks.  The room was complete with a fluffy hotel robe, slippers and personal grooming pieces for the bathroom, including some really lovely hand cream.  With a few simple items you can add a little luxury to your own bathroom to create your own retreat.

Image | Studio McGee


Start with a tray as the foundation for your luxury bathroom retreat.  They are great for grouping items and keeping everything clean and tidy.  If you have a small area on top of your cabinet, try using a rectangle serving plate.  I have a white Wedgewood piece that fits perfectly on my bathroom cabinet.

You can choose your tray to match the style of your bathroom, ceramic, rattan, marble or a mirrored tray.

Image | Design Works


I prefer a more minimal look in my bathroom, it really helps to keep it clean throughout the week.  I like to store my cotton buds and smaller luxuries in the cabinet.

Place the smaller items in matching containers and store them in your cupboards.  This way your bathroom will look neat and tidy.


Image | Jaimee Rose Interiors

Image | S.Mazzi Interiors


Image | Jaimee Rose Interiors

Something Pretty

Whether it is a single flower or some lush greenery from the garden this will add to the relaxed feel of your bathroom, especially if you have limited space.

Image | Audrey Fitzjohn

Image | She Holds Dearly

Little Luxuries

Adding the little luxuries such as a candle, your favourite soap and some hand cream will turn your bathroom into a luxurious space for you and your guests to enjoy.

I have many beautiful candles and I am determined to actually use them and not save them for later.  There is a large selection of scents available for how you want your bathroom to feel, whether it be a bit coastal or very luxurious and pretty.


Image | Studio McGee Design

Towels & Bath Mat

I do like my towels and bath mats to match, but I really love how Studio McGee above have placed a white towel over the blue bath mat.

Spoil yourself with some new fluffy towels for your bathroom, or just some fresh new hand towels rolled up in a basket.

Image | Leo Designs

Bathrobes & Slippers

Finish your luxury bathroom off with a beautiful warm bath robe and some slippers.  Plan some time to enjoy your new luxury space.

Now you have all these beautiful things in place you can relax in the bath and holiday at home.  Do you have a favourite scented candle you use in your bathroom?