Hydrangeas would have to be one of my most favourite summer plants.  They have often been thought of as an old fashioned plant.  But I love them.  I have planted six hydrangeas in my garden, along my back deck.  They are beautiful in the garden and are perfect for filling vases in the home.

Pink hydrangeas

Blue & Pink Hydrangeas

The colour of your Hydrangea once it is planted will depend on the  acidity or alkalinity of the soil in your garden. In acid soil (pH 5 or less) hydrangeas are usually always blue. As the soil pH climbs towards the neutral and alkaline end of the scale (pH 7 or more) hydrangeas turn mauve, pink and red.

You can buy a powder from your local nursery to turn your hydrangea pink or blue.  This powder will contain aluminium or iron.  To keep the colour of your hydrangea you should apply the powder once a month when your hydrangea is flowering. White flowering hydrangeas will remain white regardless of soil pH.

blue hydrangeas

Care & Watering

Plant your hydrangea in a semi shaded position.  My hydrangeas are exposed to the morning sun only and are protected from high winds.  It is important not to let your hydrangeas dry out in summer.

Hydrangeas in the ground should be given a good soaking once or twice a week in summer and spring.  I water my potted hydrangeas more frequently as they dry out quicker.  It is recommended you place a saucer under your potted hydrangea to stop the water draining away.


Hydrangeas can be pruned between March or May, I usually prune them when the flowers are finished.  I am careful to keep the bush in a nice even round shape as I prune.  Be careful not to over prune your hydrangea as this can reduce the flowers for next season.

Blue Hydrangeas

Indoor Tips for Vases

Hydrangeas are perfect for picking for vases and filling the home with them.  When you cut your hyrdrangea, cut a few centimetres up the middle of the stem, or crush the end of the stems.   If your hydrangeas start to sag, try trimming the ends and placing them in a vase with some icecubes.

Blue hydrangeas

Hydrangeas in store

Hydrangeas are usually available in flower at your local nursery  in the early summer months.  There are many new varieties, some more tolerant of sun than others.  Be sure to read the tag on caring for your hydrangea.

Hydrangea care

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What is your favourite summer flower?