Start the year with a fresh and efficiently organised kitchen.  Maximising kitchen storage, being organised and most importantly, de-cluttering the busiest room in your home.  Today we have some tips and inspiration on creating an organised kitchen you will love.

Image : Barrow Building Group


I don’t know about you but my kitchen would have to be one of the most busiest rooms in my home.   I am fortunate to have a lot of cupboard space, but over time things tend to build up and you end up with a big collection of unwanted kitchen wares, many plastic containers and no lids.

Today we are going to make your kitchen less cluttered and run so much more efficiently.

Image | Artisan Signature Homes

Make A Plan

Make a plan of where you want to start, maybe the overhead cupboards or the draw full of containers to start your kitchen de-cluttering, this way you won’t be so overwhelmed with the task and leave it for another day.

  • Pantry
  • Canisters
  • Storage baskets
  • Overhead cupboards
  • Under bench drawers
  • Junk drawer
  • Under sink
  • Fridge

With a plan you can take on one part of the kitchen at a time.

Image | Deane Inc.

Empty Cupboards & Shelving

Firstly empty all the cupboards and place everything on another surface for now, whether it’s the island bench or dining table.   Remove any items you haven’t used for at least twelve months and throw out anything broken or chipped.

With your cupboards and shelving empty it’s so much easier to see how you want it to look.  Sort through your items and discard anything you no longer need.

Image | Rebel House Design

Hamptons style kitchen

Image | Kashaya & Co. Interiors


Clean all the surfaces in your kitchen and inside your cupboards.  It’s sometimes nice to use a surface spray to give everything a fresh and clean scent.  One of the surface sprays I love to use is the Lemongrass Ginger Countertop spray from Williams Sonoma.

Image | Hayburn

Image | Bria Hammel Interiors

Storage Containers & Labels

Have your storage containers and baskets ready to place in your cupboards and on your shelving.  Good storage containers can make your pantry and cupboards look beautiful as well as functional.  I do love to see matching canisters and baskets in the pantry.  Baskets can help contain the smaller things and give your kitchen and pantry a less cluttered look.  Placing labels on your containers will make everything easier to find.

Keep only what you need and replace anything broken or chipped.  Replace your old cutting boards and tea towels with fresh ones.  Do you have any secrets to share about de-cluttering your kitchen, we would love to know.