When we think of decorating our home we naturally think to look for ideas and inspiration.  Today I have some tips and ideas on where to find inspiration for decorating your home.

Decorating inspiration


Decorating magazines


If you are like me you will have a large collection of your favourite magazines that you just can’t part with.   They are full of beautifully decorated homes by our top Australian Designers, with the most stunning home photography.  I have collected many over the years including:

  • Australian House and Garden
  • Home Beautiful
  • Belle Magazine
  • Country Living
  • Vogue Living

David Austin roses



Decorating Books

Not only are my Decorating books full of beautiful images, but they also tell a story about the owner or designer and their journey to a gorgeous home.  They are a really good read and can be so inspiring,  people really love their homes and how they make them feel.

Art Work

We are also inspired by artwork.  You may start with a favourite piece of artwork as inspiration to decorate your home.  If you are lucky enough to have many pieces of artwork to hang you may want to choose a light coloured white paint on your walls as a background to your artwork.

Porter Davis Hamptons Home

Image | Porter Davis Homes

Display Homes

Display homes are always decorated in the latest home wares and hardware products.  They are beautifully curated homes that are light and bright.  Find one that you love for some home inspiration.


How to choose a sofa

Image | Coco Republic


Pinterest is the perfect online platform for finding inspiration. If you are already on Pinterest you will know it’s a visual bookmarking tool that helps you find and discover and save creative ideas that you love. Name your boards, for example:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Home Office

Collect images and pin them to each board for inspiration.  If you download the “Pin It” button from Pinterest, it allows you to pin any furniture you might find from your favourite retailers to your boards.  You can also keep your boards private too.  Read all about “How to use Pinterest” on Beautiful House.

How to Decorate

Image | Mark D. Sikes

Fabric, Paint & Wallpaper

Collect your favourite fabric samples, most places will send you a sample of fabric and collect paint samples from the hardware store.  You can get A4 sample sheets of your chosen colours from Dulux or a sample pot of the colour if your prefer.

Image | Timber Trails


It’s really important to keep and store your samples neatly.  This is a really good excuse to visit your nearest stationery store and choose some folders and other products to help you keep organised beautifully.

Clear plastic sheets work best for me.  I can collect images out of magazines too with the fabric and paint samples.  One for business cards for trade people and furniture measurements and specificatons may be helpful too.


Image | Jenny Wolf Interiors

Your Decorating Style

After pinning and recording your favourite images and decor pieces, your style may start to emerge.  Determine if you like a home full of colour or prefer a neutral palette with colour added.

Now you have the tools to get started on decorating your own home.  I would love to hear what style you love to decorate your home in.