Finding your decorating style can be difficult for some, we often love so many different styles and looks in our own home.  We want to keep our home comfortable for a family and yet stylish and somewhere we love to be.  Here are some simple tips to guide you to find your own decorating style.

Happy Home


Create a Pinterest board and collect images you would love for your own home.  You may want to create a board for each room.

Over time you will see a style emerging from your pinned images.  This will also help you decide what you can live with and some styles and colours you prefer not to live with.

Design Anchor

Choose a “Design Anchor” or “Statement piece”.  This could be a lamp, rug, artwork or cushions.  Use this decor piece as your focus to help choose your style and colours in your room.

This has really helped my to have a reference point to start from in my room whether it be a new lamp or a vintage chair to be recovered.

Mood Board

Use a pin board or buy some backing board from a stationery store to create your own mood board.  You can also create one online with Pic Monkey.

With a real mood board this will enable you to collect fabric samples and paint swatches.  Collect images from magazines or catalogues of furniture and accessories that you love.  You will soon see your own style evolve from your collection.

Pink roses, Home office

Style A Vignette

Style a vignette with some of your favourite decorative pieces.  Choose a theme or style that you love.  Start with some of your favourite books as an anchor for your vignette.

Add a vase of flowers or a lush green plant.  A beautiful Nautilus seashell or piece of coral will be perfect for a coastal vignette.

Display your newly created vignette on an entrance table or in your living room.  This will help you to determine your decorating style.

A Room Edit

Lastly, edit your room.  I do tend to buy things that I really love, or sometimes I have had them for way too long.  An outdated throw rug, cushions or old books.  Sometimes we can collect too many pieces and we loose the look we started with in the beginning.

For a bit of fun you can take this “Whats Your Decorating Style” quiz from Houzz.  My style was French Country.  I would love to hear what your style is.