How To Grow A Lemon Tree In A Pot

I have  many fruit trees planted in my garden, but I love to place some in pots too.  A potted lemon tree is also a good option if you have limited space.  Whether you are placing your potted lemon tree on a patio or down the side of your house, today I have some simple tips to follow for a happy potted tree that will give you lots of lemons.



potted lemon tree

Image | House Beautiful

Choosing A Lemon Tree

Because of the new various breeds of lemon trees available in most plant nurseries you can find a lemon tree suitable for  a large pot.  There are many new dwarf varieties available for a patio or balcony.

The Pick n’ Eat ‘Lemon Eureka’ tree is mostly a thornless lemon tree variety that has fruit throughout the year.  The Meyer Lemon tree is less acidic than other lemons.  Both of these plants are ideal for growing in a pot on your patio.


Potted lemon tree

Image | The Poultry House- Southampton via Mark D. Sikes

Choosing A Pot

Select a large pot to grow your lemon tree.  It is easier to put your pot in a sunny position first, once you fill it up it will be really hard to move.

Make sure your pot has drainage holes.  I also like to fill up the bottom of my pot with some stones, this way the lemon tree won’t be sitting in water and will have excellent drainage.


Image | HGTV

Soil & Fertiliser

Start with a good quality potting mix from your local nursery, this will give your lemon tree a great start.  A good potting mix will have an Australian stamp of approval on the packaging.

It is recommended to use a Citrus tree slow release fertiliser for your lemon tree.  Water in well after applying fertiliser.

potted lemon tree

Image | A  Way to Garden

Watering & Mulching

Your potted lemon tree will need regular watering.  Try not to let it dry out, keep the soil slightly damp.  Place a layer of mulch over your potted lemon tree, this will help it to stay moist longer.

Tips For A Potted Lemon Tree

  • Choose your lemon tree.
  • Place your lemon tree in a good quality potting mix and a large pot.
  • Ensure your pot has drainage holes.
  • Your lemon tree will love to be placed in full sun
  • Elevate your pot or place a saucer under the pot.
  • Water your potted lemon tree two to three times a week, maybe even more in hot weather.
  • Apply a slow release citrus fertiliser.

Happy planting.