A lemon tree is a must have fruit tree in every kitchen garden. Whether you are growing one in a pot or in the garden, today I have some simple tips to follow for a happy lemon tree that will give you lots of lemons.

Image | HGTV

Choosing A Lemon Tree

Because of the new various breeds of lemon trees available in most plant nurseries you can find a lemon tree suitable for a large pot or one suitable for a garden bed.  There are many new dwarf varieties available for a patio or balcony.

The Pick n’ Eat ‘Lemon Eureka’ tree is mostly a thornless lemon tree variety that has fruit throughout the year.  The Meyer Lemon tree is less acidic than other lemons.  Both of these plants are ideal for growing in a pot on your patio or planting in a garden bed.

Potted lemon tree
Image | The Poultry House- Southampton via Mark D. Sikes


Select a large pot to grow your lemon tree or a well drained sunny position in the garden. 

If you’re planting your lemon tree in a pot make sure your pot has drainage holes.  I also like to fill up the bottom of my pot with some stones, this way the lemon tree won’t be sitting in water and will have excellent drainage.

Soil & Fertiliser

Start with a good quality potting mix from your local nursery, this will give your lemon tree a great start.  A good potting mix will have an Australian stamp of approval on the packaging.

It is recommended to use a Citrus tree slow release fertiliser for your lemon tree.  Water in well after applying fertiliser.

Watering & Mulching

Your potted lemon tree will need regular watering.  Try not to let it dry out and keep the soil slightly damp.  Place a layer of mulch over your lemon tree, whether it’s planted in the garden or in a pot, this will help it to stay moist longer.

Treating Pests

All citrus trees are prone to pests and disease problems, identify your problem and consult your local nursery. There are many sprays and treatments to fix any pests or diseases affecting your lemon tree.

Tips For A Healthy Lemon Tree

  • Choose a lemon tree that’s suitable for a pot or in the garden.
  • Place your lemon tree in a good quality potting mix.
  • Ensure your pot has drainage holes and is in well drained soil in the garden.
  • Your lemon tree will love to be placed in full sun.
  • Water your potted lemon tree two to three times a week, maybe even more in hot weather.
  • Apply a slow release citrus fertiliser.