Make your house feel like home this Autumn with some small but beautiful finishing touches.  Adding some simple and luxurious decor pieces can make all the difference.

Image | Pure Salt Interiors


Freshen up your bedroom with some new bed linen or pillowcases.  Create comfort by adding layers in pattern and texture to give your bed a warm and cosy look.

The Little Things

Selecting a beautiful soap and hand wash for your bathroom will not only add a little luxury to your home for guests but will be something you can enjoy every day.



Candles & Lamps

With a cooler season here and the evenings finishing earlier, it’s so nice to settle in at home and turn on your lamps in your living room and light a beautifully scented candle.

Add some essential oils to an oil burner to rid your home of everyday cooking and pet smells and create a relaxed family home.


Make your home comfortable for you and your family, get out the winter throw rugs and place them neatly folded up on an ottoman or chair ready to use and keep warm and snug.

Freshen up your cushions or even change them around for a new season.

Books & Magazines

Now is the time to relax, read and enjoy all those beautiful books and magazines you have collected.  Find some ideas and inspiration for your own home.

What are your tips for making your house a home?