Whether your laundry is a small closet with folding doors or a spacious room with a path to an outdoor clothesline, organisation is key to a sparkling and organised room.   Laundry storage and organisation is so important and to help you keep your laundry beautifully organised, today I have five some storage and organisation ideas and some great inspiration.

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Everything In Its Place – Storing Essentials

Clear out your cupboards and only keep what is needed in your laundry space.  Have a separate space for all your cleaning products so they are easy to access.

Create a space in a cupboard for your mop, broom and brush and pan.  Having all your cleaning items in an easy to access place will not only help you keep organised but the whole family too.

We collect many other items in the laundry.  Pack them up and send them to the garage.

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If you are in need of more storage space, consider some wall shelving.  You can use wicker or wire baskets on your shelf to store items and keep it looking neat and tidy.


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laundry powder

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Storage Baskets & Jars

I love storage baskets.  Invest in some baskets to store items in your cupboards and on your shelves.  This keeps everything together and accessible.

Clearly label your baskets and storage jars.   Replace old storage baskets with new ones.  I prefer a wicker basket to a wire one.

I love the range of wicker baskets that are currently in stores.  So many to choose from.

Image | Studio McGee

Folding Station/Bench

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of room for a bench in your laundry it can really help with folding your washing when its dry to keep on top of this never ending task.

This will also give some much needed under bench storage.

Image | Alice Lane Home

Drying Rack

Add a rod inside a cupboard or underneath a shelf for hanging clothes to dry.  I have a rod inside my storage cupboards, it really helps to dry all the clothes in the colder months.

I also have a wire rack that attaches to the front of my clothes dryer.  I am able to hang up the shirts and uniforms to dry there.

I’ve tried using a portable wire rack to dry clothes on, but they aren’t for me.  I tend to overload them.  They were great to use when my boys were small.

Image | Ivory Lane

 Pretty Laundry

Create a pretty and styled laundry with a small plant and artwork.  Use faux potted topiary plants and glass jars to store pegs and your washing powder.

Update your window coverings and even give your laundry a fresh coat of paint.  Laundry storage and organisation is of great importance for one of the smallest rooms in your house.

Storage & Organisation Tips

  • Use storage baskets.
  • Store your pegs and washing powder in a glass jar.
  • Add shelving for more storage space.
  • Wire rack on your dryer for drying clothes.
  • Add a rod in your cupboard to hang clothes to dry.
  • Make your laundry pretty with a new window covering, plant or artwork.

Organising this space to maximise its storage capacity and having everything neatly in its own place will make for an easier space for you to work in.

Do you need a laundry makeover?