You will love your kitchen more with an organised and functional pantry.  Whether you have a walk in butlers pantry or a cupboard, we have some tips and inspiration to get you organised in six easy steps.

Pantry organisation

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Empty Your Pantry

Empty your pantry of all the food items and throw out anything that is past the use-by date.  After you have sorted through all the contents of your pantry you can see exactly what you have left and where it should go.

Pantry organisation

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Thoroughly clean your pantry, and wipe over all the surfaces.  Use a countertop spray, such as the Lemongrass and Ginger spray from Williams Sonoma.  I use this one and it really freshens up my kitchen and pantry.  Bicarb Soda is also helpful to reduce any unwanted odours.


Take out all your appliances and thoroughly clean and wipe them down.  I keep my toaster on a white tray, this helps to keep the mess from the toaster to a minimum.

Pantry organisation

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I really love pantry storage, I have about eight baskets that sit under the bench top on a shelf.  The baskets help to keep my pantry looking neat and tidy and not messy.

Trays are perfect for grouping things together, not just the toaster.  Store your coffee and tea items neatly on a tray.  Glass and plastic containers make it easy to see what you are storing.  Don’t forget to label your containers.

pantry organisation

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Organisation & Notice Board

Divide your pantry into zones for better organisation of your food.  Organise your categories to suit your lifestyle.

  • Baking
  • Cereals
  • Cans
  • Snacks
  • Frequently used items such as salt, pepper and cooking oil.

Have a family notice board or calendar inside your pantry door.  Use it to communicate with each other and keep track of your appointments for the week or to write down items you need for your next shop at the supermarket.

pantry organisation

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I love everything in my pantry to look organised and neat, but you can also add some simple decor pieces too.  Decorate your pantry with some green Pellegrini Sparkling Water bottles and a few potted faux green herb plants.  Ikea and Provincial Home Living have a large range of plants and storage items for your pantry to choose from.

Do you have any pantry organisation tips for us?