Artificial flowers are becoming more popular and I love that you are not restricted by season to what you can buy. Come and take a look at how to style your home beautiful with an artificial flower arrangement.

I have been sent some beautiful artificial flowers and greenery from Koch & Co. I had so much fun styling up my flower arrangements.

Koch & Co. not only have a large range of artificial flowers but also many supplies to help you plan and style your next party or celebration.

Magnolias & Hydrangeas

Magnolias and Hydrangeas are two of my favourite flowers, combining both a beautiful large white flower and lush greenery.

With their large white flowers and green leaves they are perfect for styling in my home. I love mixing them with all the blue and white decor. They give my home a stylish and elegant touch.

The Magnolias and Hydrangeas suit the many styles of decor I really love, such as:

  • Coastal
  • Hamptons
  • Country
  • Classic
  • Provincial

The Perfect Flower Arrangement

Like real flowers trim your artificial flowers with wire cutters to suit the size vase or ginger jar you are going to use.

This will help you to arrange them beautifully and give you the perfect flower arrangement that will last.

The Magnolias make a great centerpiece in my living room or entrance and are perfect for adding greenery to my home decor.

You will be inspired by Koch & Co’s artificial flower collection and arrangements.

Fill your home with artificial flowers and plants and create your own botanical haven.