The Living Room is one of the first spaces we think of when decorating our homes.  This is where we entertain guests and simply relax with our family.  Today I have some tips on how to style your living room like a pro.

Find Your Style

Determine your decorating style.  This can be difficult for some when you like so many different styles and influences.  Create a board in your Pinterest account for pinning inspiration and furniture you love.



Set  A Budget

Set a budget for the living room.  If everything doesn’t fit into your budget, make a plan and spread your purchases out over a period of time.  Some items you might like to include are:

  • Sofa
  • Armchair
  • Side table
  • Coffee table/ottoman
  • Cabinet/console table
  • Artwork
  • Floor Rug
  • Lamps
  • Cushions and throw rugs
  • Interior/Coffee table books
  • Decor items

It’s really important to choose a good quality sofa, one that will withstand your families needs.

Floor Plan & Furniture Placement

Your furniture placement and the position of your sofa is usually determined by where you place your TV.  Once we had decided where our TV was to be placed we then worked around this.  With a fireplace on another wall, it made the choice very easy for us.

Once you have determined where the sofa will be placed your floor rug, coffee table and armchair placement will come together naturally.


Size & Proportion

Size and proportion is one of the first elements of designing an interior that we learn.  It’s important to measure your room and decide on what size furniture will best suit your living room space so it is not only comfortable but functional to your needs too.




If you have a large room with plenty of wall space you might like to think of placing a console table with some artwork above.  Alternatively group together four smaller pictures.  A beautifully styled console table with artwork above will naturally draw your attention and make a stylish feature in your living space.

Add a table lamp, some books and a decorative piece.


Finishing Touches

Add your finishing touches to your living room with a floor rug, table or floor lamp, cushions and throw rugs.  Choose colours from your artwork or floor rug for your cushions and throws.

Choose your furniture carefully,  spend time looking for a good quality sofa.  This will probably be the most expensive piece you will purchase for your living room.  Take your time furnishing your home and it will be well worth the wait.