I don’t know about you, but wrapping the Christmas presents is one of my favourite things to do.  Today I have some gift wrapping tips from choosing the right paper to ideas on how to wrap your presents beautifully.

What You Will Need

  • Double sided tape/Tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Good quality paper
  • Ribbons
  • Embellishments for your gifts
  • Space for gift wrapping

Plan your gift wrapping and make time and clear a space in your home to wrap your gifts, store your wrapping paper and accessories in a basket to keep it all together so you aren’t hunting around for the tape or some sharp scissors.



Choose a paper to match your Christmas theme, style and colours.  When you start to wrap, roll out the paper and place your gift on the paper and measure out how much wrapping you will need.  Cut the paper and secure it over the gift with tape.

For a neat finish on your wrapping use double sided tape, sticky dots is also a great alternative to tape.  Press each fold sharply for  a neat finish.

Hard To Wrap Gifts

Boxes are the perfect solution to wrap an odd shaped gift.  Use a gift box to place the gift in and tie with a beautiful ribbon.  They can look so pretty sitting under the Christmas tree.

Wrapping Tips

  • Select good quality paper
  • Centre the gift on the paper
  • Measure out how much paper you will need for your gift
  • Secure the paper to your gift with tape to start wrapping the first side
  • Fold back a small edge on your paper for a cleaner and smoother finish
  • Make your folds sharp and flat
  • Trim any excess paper for a neat fold

Finishing Touch

Finish your gift with a beautifully tied ribbon and embellish with decorations.  Don’t forget to place a gift tag on your present.
I really enjoy the whole process of selecting beautiful paper, ribbons and gift tags.  I do try to wrap my gifts as I buy each one.  This not only fills up the Christmas tree but allows you to complete your gift wrapping in time for Christmas.
Most shopping centres have a gift wrapping service and donate the cost to a local charity, what a great idea.  Are you all wrapped and ready for Christmas?