Kitchen Storage – Open Shelving

Are you short on kitchen storage?  Open shelving could be the perfect option for your kitchen storage sollution.  We have some great kitchen shelving inspiration and some tips on how to style your kitchen shelves on Beautiful House.

Kitchen shelving

Image: Nicole Davis Interiors

Choose a colour palette

Keep it simple with all whites or choose your colours for your kitchen shelving.  All white accessories will make for a striking display for your open shelves.  Add a natural element such as a small herb plant to your display.

Kitchen shelving adds clean lines to your kitchen and will work well with most kitchen designs including Modern, Country, Modern farmhouse, Coastal and Scandinavian.

Open kitchen shelving

Image: My Domaine


Display your kitchen wares in groups.  Repeating the same object always makes for a great display.

Texture and Height

You can add visual interest by varying texture and height to your open shelves.  Baskets can hide a lot of small items to be stored and will keep your kitchen shelves looking clean and organised.

kitchen shelving

Image: DougeLisablog

Natural Element

Finish styling your kitchen shelves by adding a natural element to your display.  Use potted herbs, a small boxwood wreath or a vase of fresh flowers.

Styling is the key to open shelves.  You can also mix in artwork and candlesticks and store and showcase your serving wares and pretty kitchen items.


If you have any shelf styling tips for us, we would love to hear them.  Show us your kitchen shelf. Tag us on Instagram.  #beautifulhouse.