The front entrance of your house is the first thing your visitors will see when they arrive at your home.  Creating a beautiful front entrance can transform your home.  Today I have some simple steps to make your home more inviting and give your home some amazing curb appeal.


front door makeover  

Image | Interiors By Colour/Benjamin Moore

Clean & Paint

Sweep the area clean, clean up any clutter or old pot plants and throw out  your old door mat.  Clean your windows around your entrance.

A fresh coat of paint will make your door sparkle, we have just given our front door a coat of fresh paint.  It really has made a difference.  Your front door can fade from the bad weather and direct sunlight.

Paint your front door in Dulux Aquanamel.  Dulux recommends to use this paint in place of a traditional oil based enamel, which has the added benefit of your paintwork not turning yellow with time.

front door makeover

Image | Gallerie B Interiors

Welcome Mat & Door Hardware

Door mats can wear quickly and fade.  Replace your door mat with a fresh new one.  Pick one up from your local hardware store or indulge in something special.

Add some beautiful door hardware with a new door handle and door knocker to your freshly painted door.

 Front door makeover

Image: Ryan Saghian Interiors

Planter Boxes

There are so many to choose from, just make sure you choose the correct size pot for your doorway.  Don’t use a pot that is too small, and remember to give your plant some room to grow.  Choosing a planter box will set the style for your home, use a large terracotta pot, glazed pots or a white timber Hamptons style pot.

Front Door Makeover

Image | Henhurst


I love a symmetrical look at my front door so I always have the same plant and planter either side of my door.  Sadly my topiary plants have outgrown their current pots, its definately time for a change at my front door.  I have had the same plants their for quite awhile and I could do with a change.

Check the conditions your chosen plant will need, if you choose a large lush and bushy fern it will require more shade than direct sunlight.


Front door makeover

Black Border Long Door Mat – French Knot |  Hampton Planter Box – Interiors Online


Front door makeover

Studio McGee


Lighting is important for your home entrance.  You want your lighting to not only be practical but beautiful too.  You may want a wall light fixture, wall sconce or a pendant light.  Changing your lighting decor will give your home entrance a fresh new look.