Finding the right white colour paint for your home can be a challenge and there are so many to choose from.   Today I have a showcase of some of the most popular white interior paint colours from Dulux and a little bit about each of them to help you choose the right White.

Dulux natural white

 Dulux | Natural White

Natural White is the lightest of warm whites and is one of the most popular paint colours.  This is a versatile white and will brighten any space.

We have just started to repaint our kitchen interior in this colour to bring in some much needed light.

Dulux whisper white

Dulux | Whisper White

This ivory white is the most perfect lush, warm white that works beautifully with any colour scheme to brighten your interior space.


Antique white usa

Dulux | Antique White USA

This is a classic and inviting colour that has been in our homes for a very long time.  Antique White U.S.A. is a classic favourite.

This is a warm white that suits any interior space inside and out.

Dulux hog bristle quarter

Dulux  | Hog Bristle Quarter

Hog Bristle Quarter is a warm colour and works beautifully with most colour schemes in your home.  My home is currently painted in this colour and I have decorated mainly with blue and white tones and it works perfectly.

Vivid White dulux

Dulux | Vivid White

Vivid White is an ultra-pure white and is perfect for creating a clean, crisp and contemporary look.  We have recently used this colour in a home renovation.  The home was in need of an update and Vivid White was perfect for a contemporary and bright update.  It really made a big difference to the light in the home.

As there is no tint added whatsoever to this paint colour it is similar to ceiling white.  We were painting over a much darker colour so it did take about four coats of paint.  The end result was well worth it.

Dulux lexicon quarter

Dulux | Lexicon Quarter

Lexicon Quarter is a cool fresh white and is the perfect choice for modern, open plan spaces.  This colour is the perfect background to showcase any special artwork pieces in the home.

Dulux White on White

Dulux | White on White

Dulux describes this colour as a clean and minimalist white that brings a sense of energy and vitality to your home.

White on White beautifully reflects the light in this bathroom image above.


Dulux | Lexicon

Lexcon is a crisp white and works well with a modern look.  It mixes well with the textures and cooler coloured furnishings in the image above from Dulux.

There are many to choose from.  You can order a sample pot directly from Dulux or an A4 swatch of colour to help you choose.  I would love to hear what white paint you have chosen.