What You Need To Know About A Freestanding Bath

A free standing bath will give your bathroom a luxurious resort style look for your home. Today we have some tips on what to look for in a freestanding bath and some beautiful bathroom images to inspire you.

freestanding bath

Image| Frontroom

freestanding bath

Image | Queensland Homes

freestanding bath

Image | Pure Salt Interiors


Measuring where you want your bath to go is the crucial first step. You should not only measure the length and width, but also the height. Make sure your bath will fit under your existing bathroom taps, you may need a plumber to move them to fit over your bath. It’s a really good idea to do this before you start to tile your bathroom. Check that you have enough clearance around your bath to clean and dust.

 freestanding bathImage | Airows


With our last bathroom renovation the outlet was at the end of the bath, this is where all the plumbing was laid out to suit this outlet position. The new bath had an outlet in the middle of the bath.  This is easily fixed with an attachment hose to fit underneath the tub and direct it to the old plumbing.  Visit your local plumbing store.

freestanding bath

Image | Home Beautiful

freestanding bath

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The shape you choose will come down to the style of bathroom you are creating. Whether you choose oval, rectangle or egg shaped determine what your needs are. Do you need to fit small children in your bath or do you need a bath with good back support, choose what is needed for your family.

Adding a freestanding bath to your bathroom will add a resort style luxury to your home that you will love.  Finish your bathroom off with some simple luxuries, such as beautiful bath towels, a candle or some fresh flowers.