Bathroom Decor

Create a gorgeous bathroom space to welcome guests to your home for the holiday season by providing a few basic comforts.  Follow our simple guide to create a welcoming bathroom.

Image | Marianne Simon Design

A Natural Element

Adding green to your bathroom will give it a fresh and uplifting feel.  There are so many plants to use in your bathroom.  I love how this big fern adds a natural element to this beautiful space.  You can also use a maidenhair fern, a succulent plant or a fiddle leaf fig, they all look great in the bathroom.


Adding something decorative can set the theme for your bathroom.  Use a blue and white ginger jar to store your bath salts.  Choose a coastal theme and use a beautiful seashell.  Shells reflect a place of relaxation.

A simple side table added next to your bath will create a little luxury in your bathroom too.

Trays & Fresh Bath Towels

If you are like me, you can shop your home and choose from one of the way too many trays you have accumulated.  I use them everywhere.  A must in a busy home.  Select the correct size, placing all your items on the tray will contain them and give them an organised and neat appearance.

Fresh white bath towels will always freshen up your bathroom instantly, I love how they have used the space below the cabinet to store them neatly folded.

Personal Items/Comfort

Comfort items are essential for your guest.  I love a simple fragrant soap you can place in a holder on your bathroom vanity.  Fill a small basket or tray with some items your guest might use.  A new hand towel and face washer add a bit of luxury too.