The Snowball Viburnum has been considered to be an old-fashioned plant, residing in more mature gardens with a charming house and garden gate. Today I have some simple tips on how to grow your own Snowball Viburnum.

This plant is known as a Snowball shrub or by its botanical name Viburnum Opulus. It is native to America, Europe, Central Asia, and Northern Africa. The Snowball is a deciduous shrub and can grow to a height of four to five meters.

This beautiful hydrangea-like shrub is an ornamental plant and is mainly grown for its ball-shaped flowers. It grows well in temperate regions of Australia and once this shrub is established in your garden is frost and drought tolerant.


The Snowball shrub can tolerate most soil types but loves to be planted in moist and moderately alkaline soil for best flowering results. Feed them with a slow-release fertiliser.

They prefer a moderately sunny position and part shade and are quite drought-hardy once the plant has become established in a garden. They can be grown in large pots or planted in a garden as a hedge.

  • Plant in moist soil.
  • Place mulch around the plant.
  • Feed with a slow-release fertiliser in Spring.
  • Plant in a moderately sunny and part shade position.
  • Prune your shrub after flowering.

The snowball flowers start out a shade of soft lime green and change to a more white color.

The Snowball shrub will make a beautiful focal point in a garden and the large cut branches can create a gorgeous display arranged in a vase.