Flowering bulbs popping up in the garden is the very first sign that Spring is not far away.  If you want to be greeted by some beautiful colour or even if you’re choosing a show of green and white, now is the time to plant up your bulbs.

AUtumn bulbs

Autumn bulbs

Image | Blue Hortensia Blog

Autumn Bulbs

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When To Plant

For the best results with your bulbs, plant them in early Autumn.  Bulbs not only look good in the garden but in pots of all shapes and sizes.  Display them at your front door or on the deck or patio.

In cool climates it is recommended to plant your bulbs in early Autumn in March and April.  For warmer areas you can start planting in May.  Don’t forget to plant your bulbs with the pointed end up.

Bulbs love to be planted in a well drained garden bed in a sunny position.  Plant the bulb in the soil at least double the height of the bulb


Autumn bulbs

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After your bulbs have finished flowering and the leaves have turned yellow water with a liquid bulb food, there is no need to cut the yellowing foliage off the bulb straight away.

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Where to Buy Bulbs:

Autumn bulbs

Bulbs have a big impact when they are planted in large groupings and a beautiful pot of flowering bulbs can make a really stunning gift for a friend.

Have you planted your garden bulbs yet?  If you haven’t already planted them in your garden you may be able to plant them just in time before the end of Autumn.