With a new season here we are often looking to update our home, no matter how small a change we make, whether it is a new sofa, throw rug, cushions or adding some greenery to your living space.ย  Just a small change to freshen up your home can make all the difference to not only how your living space will look but how it makes you feel too.

Today I have some ideas on adding greenery to your home with faux Magnolias from Freedom Furniture and a fresh living room design update.

Freedom Furniture

I have styled up my faux magnolias in a few photos to show you how I have used them.ย  I love adding some greenery to my living spaces, and the magnolias are really easy to style in a ceramic pot or placeย in a basket.

Freedom Furniture

Living Room Design


Freedom Furniture

Freedom Furniture Products

Grand Magnolia Stem |ย  Lacquer White Tray |ย EBRIMA Rectangular Basket, Naturalย |ย  Suffolk Cushion |ย  Belmore Cushion |

ย  East Port Display Cabinet | Benson Three Seat Fabric Sofa | Orissa Rug |ย  Classic Wing Armchairย 


Freedom Furniture


ย  Classic Wing Fabric Armchairย ย – Freedom Furniture

I really love the Freedom Furniture Classic Wing armchair,ย  this one above is covered in Mint Sky fabric.ย  I love neutral colours together with soft tones of blues to create a stylish and relaxed living space in your home.


freedom furniture

These are just some ideas of what you can put together to style a living room.ย  Have you bought any new decor pieces lately?ย  I would love to know what you have bought for your home.ย  Freedom Furniture have reduced their prices on a lot of items at the moment.ย  Pop over to take a look.