When creating a beautiful room we don’t just want it to look gorgeous, we want it to be functional too. Today I have some inspiration to create a beautiful living room.

Bria Hammel Interiors

Floor Rug

Start from the floor and work your way up with a floor rug. This will not only define your living space and anchor your room but it’s also a great way to add color and texture to your living space.

Ensure your sofa placement has the two front legs on the rug. The same rule applies to your occasional chairs.

When choosing a rug for your living space measure out your space and add 20 to 30cm on either side of your sofa. This will ensure your rug is a suitable size and will create a balanced look with your furniture placement.

Choose A Hero Piece

Place a hero piece in your living room that will draw your attention and make an impact on your decor.

This can be an oversized piece of furniture, a beautiful piece of artwork or a textured rug.

The image above is from one of my favourite Interior Designers, Adelaide Bragg. You can visit Bragg and Co. to view more of Adelaide’s beautiful work.

Your hero piece is exactly that, a piece of decor that is designed to grab your attention in a beautiful room.


A mirror is perfect for adding light and depth to your room, whether they are reflecting a view or visually expanding your living room space.

Unlike artwork which should be hung at eye level, a mirror should be placed depending on what you want to reflect in the room.

Heather Rowland Photography

Mix & Match

I love mixing and matching patterns and textures and varing the shades of my chosen colour to decorate my living room. This is usually blue and white with some green added in there too.

Mix your fabrics and cover a lampshade and add some beautiful cushions to create a living space that you will love.

Choose a neutral-toned sofa and pair it with a patterned armchair.

Image | Indah Island

Create Symmetry

I love to create symmetry in my interiors with a well balanced living room that is also comfortable and practical.

A pair of sofas, side tables and lamps will help you to achieve a symmetrically decorated living space.

Something Beautiful

Add something beautiful to your room, such as a beautiful bunch of flowers from the garden or your local florist.

Place some of your favourite books on a coffee or console table for inspiration.

Create little vignettes in your living room, on your console table with a lamp, some books, a seashell or a candle.