It’s no secret that one of my favourite Christmas activities is wrapping the presents to place under the tree.  As soon as the Christmas gift wrapping is in the stores I am looking for something special for my gifts.  Today I have some simple Christmas gift wrapping ideas and tips to make your Christmas tree beautiful.

Christmas gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping

Whether you are choosing a theme to go with your tree or decor or just something very festive and traditional I always choose three to four different papers, and maybe five if I see something I can’t resist.  Santa would always wrap his gifts in a different and fun Christmas paper at our house.

The green Christmas tree wrap is from Provincial Home Living, I have added a navy blue satin ribbon to my gift.  It looks gorgeous with my blue and white cushions too.


Christmas gift wrapping


Good quality sticky tape and sharpened scissors are essential for good gift wrapping.  Not only is it so much easier to trim your paper to size with ease, but you can leave a beautifully finished edge when cutting your ribbon on your Christmas gifts.

You may even prefer to use double sided tape to give your gift a clear and tidy finish.

Christmas gift wrapping

Gorgeous Wrapping & Ribbons

I love choosing the wrapping, my Christmas tree is decorated in blue and white baubles this year, so I love to work around this colour scheme.  I also have some pretty paper that I have bought at the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne.

You can also incorporate your son or daughters artwork.  If you have a small artist in the family who loves to paint and draw, they can make the perfect Christmas wrapping with a beautiful ribbon.

Every gift must have a beautifully tied bow.  You would probably not be surprised to know that I have a rather large ribbon collection, the choices of ribbons are endless.  The navy blue satin ribbon was my favourite purchase this year, love it tied around the green and white Provincial Home Living Christmas paper.

I have chosen to use a thicker ribbon on my gifts this year and the pretty tied bow really stands out.

Christmas gift wrapping

Embellisments & Gift Tags

Embellish your gift with a beautiful decor piece.  Use a sparkling star, small wreath or add a more festive touch with a red berry wreath.  I have added a simple white bird above from Provincial Home Living.

I have also used other Christmas decorations such as a small white ceramic deer or a small blue Christmas bauble.

Putting a tag on your gift is essential.  Write out your tag and place it on your gift to avoid any confusion.  Then tick it off your present list.

Christmas gift wrapping


Christmas gift wrapping


Christmas gift wrapping

Traditional gold star Christmas wrapping with a wide red ribbon and red berry wreath.


Christmas gift wrapping



Set up a wrapping station or store your wrapping and essential items in a basket or plastic container.  So much easier when everything is together.  Check your scissors are sharp and not blunt for ease of cutting the paper and trimming the ribbon.

Here is a list of items to help with your gift wrapping.

  • A good quality sticky tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Beautiful selection of ribbons
  • Christmas tags
  • Embellishments


Christmas Wreath

Have fun with your Christmas wrapping, turn on the Christmas tree lights and pop on some of your favourite Christmas music and start wrapping.  Do you have any secret gift wrapping tips to share with us?