Spring Hill Peony Farm

Spring Hill Peony Farm is located in the Central Highlands in Victoria. This 28 hectare farm is planted with peonies and cattle grazing through the rest of the property. Come and take a look at this beautiful Peony farm.

The dates for visiting Spring Hill Peony Farm change each year depending on when the Peony season starts.

The start of the season depends on the weather in Winter and Spring, before they flower. Prior to your visit it’s best to check their website for the opening season dates.

This year the approximate dates to visit Spring Hill Peony Farm are from the 20th to the 30th November, 2019.

Spring Hill Peony farm was established in 2001. They also have a venue available for weddings and events throughout the year. www.littlechurch.com.au

Bare root or potted Peony plants can be bought direct from Spring Hill Peony Farm. The bare root season will open on the 25th August, 2020. Visit their website for prices and when they are available.

You must visit Country Style Magazine via Homes to Love to read about this beautiful story behind Spring Hill Peony Farm.

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