Whether you are celebrating the New Year quietly at home or with friends and a BBQ, today I have some New Years eve Inspiration on how to decorate your outdoor area to look fabulous.  Come and take a look and get ready to celebrate.

New Years Eve decor

Image | The Pretty Blog

Choose a colourful theme for your celebrations and add some pretty decor.  I love this heart designed floral display below made with some beautiful pink flowers and white star jasmine flower.

New Years Eve decor

Image | Jenny Cookies

new years eve decor

Image | Inspired By This |  Wedding by Couture Events | Photo by Acres of Hope Photography

Its always nice to have a separate space in the garden for guests to sit and relax.


Heart Garland

Heart Garland – Etsy

A simple pretty heart wreath garland to decorate your outdoor area or table.

pink champagne

Image | Lulu’s

Follow this simple list to organise your New Years Eve Celebrations:

  • Set the table
  • A pretty floral arrangement
  • A comfy place to sit outdoors
  • Champagne in your best glasses
  • Balloons and fairylights

pink roses

Image | Elle Decor | Getty Images


Image |Stylist | Selina Lake | Photographer Shirlie Kemp


Whatever your celebration style, these are some fun and simple ideas to decorate your outdoor area to celebrate New Years Eve.  Indulge in some luxuries to celebrate your evening.  Happy New Year.